Invitation to a Guest Lecture


To:  Students of Kampung Inggris Semarang and Alumni
(All Programs, All Levels)

You are invited to attend the “Guest Lecture”

Day/Date: Thursday, 15/9/2016
Time: 15.30-17.30 PM
Venue: KING Campus
Theme: Cross Cultural Understanding

You Will Learn about: 
1. Country’s facts and figures
2. Unique cultures  
3. Indonesia from a foreigner’s point of view
4. The importance of understanding other cultures
5. Question and answer

Our Distinguished Guest Lecturers: 
1. Ms. Intan Permata Hapsari
(Head of International Office of Semarang State University)

2. Ms. Johanna Ernst (Germany)
3. Ms. Daniela Ficova (Slovakia)
4. Ms. Ankita Chakraborty (India)

Please confirm your attendance by filling in the on-line form below. Thank you.

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